Art of healing


Art of healing




The true practice of the art of healing, is in the compassionate intention of the healer. This intention allows the healer access deeper level of awareness of himself and the client. This compassionate state of mind is called “metta”(loving kindness). Only the masseur working in a meditative mood will develop an intuition for the energy flow in the body of the client. A spiritually practioner has the awareness to treat different people according to their different needs. Without attention or the compassionate intention, the massage will be nothing more than a series of empty physical movements and looses much of its healing power.


During my practice im using also power of Crystal healing and aromatherapy oils. It helps to harmonize and balance the chakras. The energy after the massage will become amplified through the unique molecular structure of natural crystals. Essential oils are used to stimulate inner balance and to calm your state of mind. By combining the life force of plants-oils and the mineral crystals, I can create a synergistic effect, enhancing the body subtle energy.



Thai massage is based on acupressure points located along the whole body. The beauty of this special form of massage is that, it involves different forms of touch such as pressing, stretching and twisting. Thai acupressure make use of therapy lines and potent points, to balance and restore your vital energy.





My exams and certifications

  • 2009

” Bharat Heritage Center “ Ayurvedic treatments and oil massage – Rishikesh / India

  • 2010-2012

“ Thai-Hand “ ( ITM school) -Amsterdam / Holland

  • 2013

“Wat-Po” temple – Bangkok / Thailand

* March- Professional Thai massage for health

* April – Massage for women health

* June- Advanced medical massage therapy

* July- Oil massage and aromatheraphy

  • 2013
  • “ Sunshine” Network” - Chang Mai / Thailand

* May- Traditional advanced Thai-yoga massage therapy

  • “ The Old Medicine Hospital “ – Chang Mai / Thailand

* May- Reflexology and foot massage

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