Health treatment

One hour health treatment


During this session i can target isolated disorders such as foot, ankles and lower leg problems, muscular weakness muscle, ligaments strains, and neural tension.


Very beneficial treatment for people who has severe lower back pain and neck strain issues because of spending hours behind a desk.








1 ½ hour deep Thai body workout

Perfect fore runners and people who do intensive workout, focusing on the condition of your whole body, legs, arms and back issues.


The session will release tensions and stiffness in this particular muscle area and revitalize the energetical level of the body, pressing accupresure points on the whole body.Use of strecthing exercises will additionally improve your range of motion and give a deep relaxation.




Thai massage has proven to be also very successful in curing orthopedic pathologies such as:

  • Sciatica nerve disorders
  • neck sprain
  • tennis elbow
  • migraine
  • temporal tension headache
  • knee and leg problems


The treatment cannot treat serious pathologies such as fractures, joint dislocations or systemic diseases.

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