Office Syndrome


Office worker syndrome


When you are sitting for long periods of time during a day, the body structure starts to change. This change accurs in the neck, shoulders, spine. But also in the legs– becouse the legs muscles got shortened.


1 hour treatment includes: 30 min of simple yoga bodywork–to stretch our cramped and aching muscles, realign and reenergize body`s need of movement and stretching. This yoga based exercises are very simple but beneficial. After the session you can always learn which one`s are working for you so you can perform them for yourself at home.

Simple 30 min of deep– tissue back massage to ease out all those knots and tensions in your back and neck.



Are you suffering from ?

  • finger locking sensation ?
  • arm pain and numbness ?
  • stiff neck and shoulders ?
  • lower back pain ?
  • headache ?

These are symptoms of consistent office work involving prolonged sitting position that harmfully effects the entire body and posture.

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