Two hour ultimate Wellness session


These sessions offers a sublimely rhythmical massage workout that perfectly balance the body`s need of movement and stretching, whilst also providing a relaxed state. It´s a fusion of techniques with its own specific effect.

All the treatments embodies the beauty of a state of harmony and vitality Balancing health and wellness at a physical and mental level of being.


During this session you will experiace:

• sequence of slow and deep acupressure points following the lines on all the major body parts

•i will work longer with your individual needs by honoring your ability and limitation

• direct focus on releasing specific muscle tensions

• relaxing for joints and muscles twists and presses

• varieties of yoga stretching exercises

• fabulous de-stressing aromatherapy oil massage for neck and face




Benefits of Thai massage


  • relaxing and relieving the tensions in your muscles.
  • improving flexibility and range of motion in joints.
  • invigorating your body by improving circulation of blood and lymph which has also detoxifying effect.
  • stimulating skin sensory and removing waste products accumulated in your blood system.
  • increasing the ability to absorb nutrients.

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