Womens healing


Womens healing


The feminine principle has many phases- each one is a circle of life revealing many wonderful and sometimes painful stories.

We come from a culture that learn women to approach life from male medicine perspective, therefore most of the healing that is offered will not reach the female beauty of understanding growth and self care – approaching this precious treasure could become the core of improving our feminine awareness.


Each of us has inner potential and wisdom to guide and heal ourselves. Most of us have no idea how powerful we actually are, because it was something we have never been taught.


Many ancient cultures understood and still practice a special approach to the feminine principle, healing and wellbeing.

I received my knowledge from the Wat Po temple which is the oldest monastery in Thailand that teaches the specific massage of acupressure points and aromatherapy.


It’s a deep privilege for me to offer the power of touch that reach far into the hidden recesses of our delicate female being.


Duration: 1½ or 2hours


Pregnancy :


Pregnant women needs a special healing and prenatal care is focused on gentle, relaxing massage that reduces anxiety, morning sickness and dizziness.

• relieves back pain, swollen legs and numbness

• Nuad Klomtong (rolling abdominal massage is recommended after the 6th month) is good to stimulate the baby in the uterus to move and reduce pressure on the mother`s organs such as bladder, intestine , nerves and veins.




Best effect is between one week up to two days before menstruation starts. Massage can be relaxing or relieving specific symptoms :

  • reduces anxiety, relieves headaches, nausea and loss of appetite
  • acupressure points on the back area reduces feeling feverish
  • lower back massage reduces stomachache
  • waist massage reduces back pain
  • use of essential oils can relieves abdominal pain and dullness, bad temper or help with irregular menstruation


Menopause :

A pre-menopause or post-menopause massage will focus on techniques helping to firm and strength abdominal muscles, reducing symptoms such as hot flashes or anxiety.

  • balance and relax the body tensions
  • treatment for preventing uterine prolapse
  • improving sexual desire
  • massage for beauty
  • aromatherapy oil massage for balancing emotions


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